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International Student Forms

Forms for Visiting & Exchange Students

Course Preferences Form for International Visiting & Exchange Students

Please Note: This form is for students who are planning to attend SUNY Plattsburgh as international visiting or exchange students. If you intend to graduate from SUNY Plattsburgh, please visit our Accepted Students page for your instructions.

After you are accepted as a visiting or exchange student, we need to know which courses you would like to take while you are with us. Staff in the Global Education Office will complete your course registration for you. In order for us to complete your course registration, you must review the available courses, select those that interest you, and submit the form online to us with your choices.

You may wish to meet with your academic advisor at your home institution to help you make your selections. Carefully consider your choices before completing the form and submitting it to us.

If you need help, please contact us.

Helpful Links for Course Preference Form Completion

  • View and search SUNY Plattsburgh's Course Master Schedule
  • Request to receive the Course Preferences Forms for International Visiting and Exchange Students as an email attachment

Forms for All International Students

Student Health Report

International Student Arrival Information Form

  • Use this Arrival Form if you would like our help with ground transportation as you arrive to the area. If your travel plans change after you submit the form, please re-submit with the most updated information.
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