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Student Profiles

Meet a few of our students! 

Students become family with their BSW class...even the professors become family. Students will always feel welcomed, safe and free to speak their mind. The BSW program at SUNY Plattsburgh gives students an opportunity to open up and have an adventure. The students learn so much about themselves, their community and their peers.
K.E.D., Class of 2018

Ashley Davison

Photo of Ashley DavisonYou Are Never Just Another Student Here

“The social work program is located in the Adirondack region, because of its low-key location there are more intimate relationships developed between professors and students. The BSW faculty are real people who share real experiences, to them you will never be just another student.

“From the program I have gained knowledge of generalist practice. Having already known particular issues that involve social work through my life experiences, I am able to incorporate the literature and lectures given into my personal life. I have acquired patience and discipline.

“The program allows us to have access to guest speakers, graduate school informationals, and workshops designed to help us in grant writing, and effective reading and writing.

“In my senior year I am looking forward to my internship at Literacy Volunteers. I will be interacting with clients from various cultures, which is my specialty growing up in the diverse atmosphere of New York City.”

Ashley’s Advice for Students

“For students considering the major, my advice is to come with an open mind, recognize your biases, and your own environment growing up. The course work of the program will definitely open your eyes to the plight of future clients through your own life experiences.”

A unique strength of our program is the social work student association; students are able to take an active part in our education and in helping our community. Many majors do not have their own association.
V.P., Class of 2018

Don Dunlap

Photo of Don DunlapThis Program is Rewarding & Challenging

“The social work program is a very challenging and rewarding program that has given me a solid foundation to begin working with individuals to enhance their well-being.

“The most significant thing I’ve learned about is working with diverse populations that include people from different cultures and people with special needs. We had a great speaker who did a presentation on cultural competence with the Latino community that was very informative. I am also looking forward to working with the homeless population through my internship at ETC (Evergreen Townhouse Community) to help them find housing.”

Don’s Advice for Students

“Get and stay connected with other students in the program because you are developing relationships that will last a lifetime. Also utilize the professors in the social work program who are very encouraging and a wealth of information!”

One thing that I tell a lot of people that I love about this program is that because we all have class together, we are able to get close to our professors and students. I feel that this has helped me grow as a person and helped me find my voice...I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't gone into it.
A.V., Class of 2018

Regina Kreppel

Photo of Regina KreppelThe Social Work Program Opens Up Enormous Opportunities

“It opens your eyes up to knowledge you wouldn’t have learned in any other department. I have gained leadership roles. I have gained an increased self awareness and I have learned things I wouldn’t have otherwise learned. I am also more capable than I previously thought I was.

“I am a member of the Student Association and have served as the student liaison to the faculty. Through the SA, I met the dean of students at my first choice school for my master’s degree when she came here as a guest speaker. In my senior year, I am excited about my internship at the Aids Counsel.”

Regina’s Advice for Students

“I say do it! The rumors are that it is hard but you can put anything you set you mind to and it is very enjoyable.”

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