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Marketing & Entrepreneurship Department

Unleash your drive and creativity through our Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department. Learn how to build and grow your own business through our entrepreneurship program, the only one in SUNY. Prepare for various careers in advertising, sales, marketing research, etc. through hands-on class projects that collaborate with local businesses.

Our marketing and entrepreneurship programs prepare you for a career as a modern day business professional.

Career Building Internships

A large variety of internships are available through the department; on-campus internships can count toward class credit. Local businesses offer internships which provide hands-on projects to gain real-world experience. Expands networking for resume building.

Dr. Lise Heroux

Dr. Lise Heroux serves as the chair of the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department while teaching the foundation of marketing. As a Distinguished Service Professor, she travels the world presenting her research at conferences.

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