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Dwayne Butchino

Performing Arts Coordinator

Dwayne T. Butchino is an alumnus of SUNY Plattsburgh’s Studio Art program (’04), specializing in graphic design and illustration. On a daily basis, he creates posters, programs, logos and ads for the departments of music and theatre, and helps coordinate events for them around campus. Though a recent addition to the music and theatre teams, Myers Fine Arts is like a second home to him.

A Plattsburgh native, Dwayne spends some of his time off campus in his home studio, working on projects for his own small press company, Sketchpad Studio. While there he creates characters for gaming material and works on design projects for various companies. As of this writing, he has over 100 published small press titles, and has worked on over ten titles with a variety of gaming companies. When not working, he spends time with his wife, two daughters and two cats, playing board games and catching up on the latest comic books.

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