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Criminal Justice Department

Combining Academic Excellence and Professional Experience

SUNY Plattsburgh’s criminal justice faculty are experts in their field. All hold their Ph.D. or equivalent degree from universities across the United States.

Our Commitment to Building Personal Relationships With Students

Although our faculty are actively engaged in research, they are, first and foremost, teachers. That means you are their number one priority. You will not be taught by graduate teaching assistants, but instead you will benefit from direct contact with the experts — that is, by people who have studied, researched and practiced in a wide variety of fields related to criminology, justice, and the carceral system. You will also find it easy to get to know them and they will get to know you.

Our program emphasizes a liberal arts approach to learning, which will help you to become acquainted with diverse fields such as political science, psychology and sociology. You will build on those courses with more specific course work in law, the courts, corrections and juvenile justice. Our program is flexible, which means that you can tailor it to fit your specific interests. And whatever your career choice — be it police work, law, corrections or administrative areas — you will graduate from our program well prepared for these career challenges. You will also be an informed citizen who understands the complexities of crime and criminal justice.

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