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Graduate Courses

Some of CSC courses are offered at the graduate level. Such courses involve an additional graduate level project, beyond their 400-level counterparts. Such courses may be accepted for transfer by graduate schools, at their discretion. Typical conditions are that the grade of B (3.00) or better has been received, and the 500-level course has not been used to satisfy requirements for another degree.

SUNY Plattsburgh Graduate CSC Courses

  • CSC 522 Theory of Computation
  • CSC 533 Operating Systems
  • CSC 541 Database Management Systems
  • CSC 545 Knowledge Representation and Inference


  1. Graduate courses are open only to SUNY Plattsburgh graduate students, or to undergraduates who are within 15 credits of graduation.
  2. Students can receive credit for a graduate computer science course only if they have not received credit for its undergraduate 400-level counterpart.


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