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Robotics Minor

Robots sort and deliver interoffice mail within a building, vacuum floors, assemble cars, carry military equipment in a rough terrain, explore other planets. Learn more with our unique minor!

Some robots are humanoid (resembling a human body), but most are not. Most robots are mobile, but not all. Most robots are autonomous (make decisions on their own instead of receiving control signals form an outside computer).

All robots sense the environment with sensors (microphones, cameras, infrared sensors, etc.), and affect it with their actuators (robotic arms, speakers, displays, etc., or through their movement). One day we may live in a world where one will interact with robots as often as with humans.

What Will I Learn?

Robotics is an interdisciplinary subject, involving mechanical and electrical engineering of the physical robot, and design and implementation of software that controls it.

What is Unique About Our Program?

SUNY Plattsburgh offers two versions of the minor:

  • Robotics with Emphasis in Computer Science — recommended to students who already have a strong background in physics/engineering, but who want to learn software and artificial intelligence aspects of robotics.
  • Robotics with Emphasis in Physics — recommended to students who already have a strong background in computer science but who want to learn physics and engineering aspects of robotics.
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