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Internships in Communication Studies

Your Career Starts Today

Gain experience, establish networking opportunities and you may even land yourself a job!

Why Do an Internship?

Gain experience, establish networking opportunities — and you may even land yourself a job — all while gaining academic credit. Work with industry professionals who serve as your mentor and monitor your progress. Practice what you’ve learned by completing tasks assigned to you in a real-time setting. Expose your new knowledge through written reflections. Internships take place on location and are available locally (in the Plattsburgh/Burlington, Vt. area), regionally (in the Albany, NYC area) or nationally (come in, we’ll talk).

How to Apply

There are two options regarding application submissions:

  1. Applications may be submitted for pre-approval at any time (once you have successfully met all enrollment requirements listed above). The Internship Committee will review any application that is submitted for pre-approval. Candidates will be notified within two weeks of their application submission.
  2. Applications may be submitted for specific agency opportunities up to two weeks before the agencies’ deadline. The Internship Committee will review any application that is submitted for a specific agency opportunity. To maximize the potential success of being selected by the agency, the Internship Committee must have the application for review two weeks prior to the deadline imposed by the specific agency. Although agency deadlines vary widely, the Department of Communication Studies Internship Committee recommends the following schedule for internship applications.

Application Submission Schedule:

  • March 15 — Suggested deadline for fall internship applications
  • May 1 — Suggested deadline for summer internship applications
  • October 15 — Suggested deadline for spring internship applications

Where Do I Get the Application?

Download the Summer or Fall/Spring internship application.

Where Do the Applications Get Submitted?

All applications and supporting documents need to be properly completed and dropped off to the Department of Communication Studies Administrative Assistant Angeline Dickerson in Yokum 103.

Application Process

  1. Complete the communication internship application (as soon as your are eligible)
  2. Select an internship agency
  3. Submit application, letter, resume and degree works profile report
  4. Wait for approval letter/notification (within two weeks of submission). If you are denied, you may have the option of re-applying after you meet all the qualifications.
  5. Update your resume and cover letter (work with the Career Development Center) to maximize your selection by the agency you’re applying to.
  6. Apply to the agency. Follow their requirements/procedures.
  7. Interview with the agency.
  8. Upon agency approval, notify your internship supervisor.
  9. The communication department internship supervisor will coordinate the development of your learning contract with the internship agency.
  10. You register for the internship course.
  11. You fulfill your hourly work obligations with the agency.
  12. While at the agency, you submit a weekly journal to your communication internship supervisor and you will need to submit a photo of you working at the agency site.
  13. At completion of the internship, your communication supervisor acquires your final evaluation from the agency site supervisor.
  14. You and your communication supervisor review your final evaluation and your final grade is submitted for the course.
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