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Learn to harness the power of communication

You're ready to work hard and be challenged, and you want a college that unlocks your potential. An education, after all, is the most important investment you'll ever make.

Communication Studies Department

Unlike some other colleges, hands-on training begins from day one. Our program strikes a balance between theory and practice and combines a traditional liberal arts education with professional training.

You can get involved in audio recording, live sports broadcasting, website design and much more. Due to our close relationship with other programs such as art, journalism, and music, you have the opportunity to further explore graphic design, broadcast journalism, live music recording and more giving you the broader skill sets needed to meet today’s industry standards.

What Sets Us Apart: Our Five Majors Will Help Build Your Career

  • Audio-radio production prepares you to work in fields including radio, television, live sound and music recording.
  • Broadcast journalism prepares you to gather, produce and deliver news for radio and TV.
  • Communication studies focuses on exploring the wide-ranging field of communication.
  • Digital media production enables you to explore and develop your skills with audio, video, multimedia and digital design.
  • TV-video production prepares you to work in studio and field production for TV and video.

Easy Access to Facilities, Teaching Resources & Faculty Members

Progressive teaching methods connect your classroom experience to the outside world. Classroom activities and projects help you build an effective portfolio, making you stand out to potential employers.

Internships That Let You Jump Start Your Career

Exposure to many areas of communication — to give you the upper hand when beginning your career after graduation.

Course Offerings That Match Your Interests

You’ll learn about persuasion and mass media effects. Learn about culture and relationships, speaking and writing. And at the same time, you’ll pursue a course of study that provides the knowledge that suits your interests and career needs.

Whether you are studying TV-video production or communication studies, you get professional training plus a well-rounded liberal arts education.

Today’s jobs demand a broad base of skills and strengths. Our program challenges you to not only become a master of one area, but to be strong in speaking, writing, ethics, leadership, culture and much more. Our program also supports study in more than one major or concentration. This gives you a broader set of skills that increases your ability to take on the competition in your chosen field.

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