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Get on the air

Learn through hands-on training at our media outlets.

Broadcast Journalism Major

Learn to gather, produce and deliver news for radio and TV. This major prepares you for careers as news and sports journalists, board and camera operators, writers, anchors and video editors through hands-on training in on-campus media outlets.

What Will I Learn?

Develop the skills you’ll need to be ready for the many facets of the broadcast news industry with a strong liberal arts core, courses in journalism, ethics, on-air performance, broadcast writing and media production.

What is Unique About Our Program?

You will have the opportunity to work at SUNY Plattsburgh’s television facility, PSTV, and reach 40,000 regular viewers through specialty programming like “Cardinal Hockey.”

What Are My Career Opportunities?

What careers could be in your future? Graduates of our program are pursuing a variety of professional careers including:

  • Journalist
  • Master control operator
  • News reporter or anchor
  • Livestream newscaster
  • On-air meteorologist
  • Sports anchor and commentator
  • Studio manager
  • TV director and producer
  • YouTube influencer
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