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Harassing Phone Calls

Dealing With Harassing Phone Calls

The easiest way to deal with harassing phone calls is simply stay calm and hang up when they occur. The caller usually wants a reaction — by just hanging up, the calls will usually stop. Also, don’t talk about the calls. There is a chance that the caller is an acquaintance and may be encouraged by your anxiety.

Reporting Harassment

Report all complaints of telephone harassment to University Police. To file a harassment complaint, stop by University Police, located in the Student Health Center building. Be sure to have the following information:

  • The nature of the telephone call(s) (what was said — exact wording may be needed)
  • The date and time that the call(s) were made
  • Names of any possible suspects
  • Whether the calls were initiated on campus or off campus (on campus rings once, off campus rings twice)
  • Number shown on your caller ID and
  • Your telephone extension and voice mail box number, along with voice mail security code

University Police will investigate the claim and administer appropriate campus judicial or criminal charges, depending on the results of the investigation and the severity of the harassment.

Possible Actions

Depending on the severity of the incident(s), telecommunications is able to temporarily change phone numbers, PBNs, and voicemail box security codes. We will not initiate a trace without receiving a request to do so from University Police. In most cases of harassment, the action taken is recommended by University Police.

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