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Data Governance

Data governance refers to the policies and practices that an institution uses to manage the collection, maintenance, security, quality and use of its data.  

The Data Governance Committee

The Data Governance Committee is accountable to the Executive Council and the vice presidents who supervise the data stewards. The committee:

  • Provides a structure for consultation and information sharing about process changes that may impact data elements used in the workflow of multiple operational units. 
  • Oversees change management for data elements:
    • Review and approve any requested changes or additions to data fields, codes, or code description/definitions in a campus data system, if the data element impacts multiple units’ workflow or compliance reporting.
    • Maintain documentation relating to changes and ensure changes are communicated to affected units.  
  • Provides guidance on issues of data quality or conflicting data processes, and mediation/intervention in cases of persistent issues.
  • Determines best practices for data used in marketing materials, external surveys, or other non-compliance reports to external bodies. 
  • Serves as a data and data governance resource for other campus constituencies and promote best practices. 
  • Consults with campus leadership and document approval in cases where data changes would have a significant institutional impact (e.g. SUNY initiatives). 

The committee is composed of data stewards or their designee(s) from the following areas: Admissions, advising, financial aid, institutional effectiveness, registrar, student accounts and student support services. Representatives from academic affairs may be named by their respective department heads to serve. Those serving should have some operational experience with campus data systems, compliance/reporting or records management. 

Name Email Address Campus Unit
Andy Lang [email protected] Global Education
David Soder [email protected] Student Financial Services
Elizabeth Bernat, Ph.D. [email protected] Academic Advising
Erin Campbell [email protected] Institutional Effectiveness, co-chair
Jamar Pickreign, Ph.D. [email protected] Education, Health & Human Services
Jessica Lashway [email protected] Registrar
Kylie King, Ph.D. [email protected] Institutional Effectiveness, co-chair
Patrick Schnell [email protected] Computer Information Systems
Shatawndra Lister [email protected] Special Programs
Troy Joseph [email protected] Admissions
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