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Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) encourages a campus culture of curiosity, accountability, growth and achievement to support student success and continuous improvement. OIE provides user-friendly access to data and promotes information transparency. The office assists with translating data to useful information and leads assessment efforts to enhance effective decision making.

OIE also coordinates the submission of mandated SUNY Systems Administration reports and provides data to external publications.

Quick Facts

These facts are designed to be a quick reference guide for frequently requested, publicly available official data. Official data is updated on or about November 1, after fall census is completed and approved by SUNY.

Review data visualizations at our Tableau Public dashboard. Faculty and staff may access more detailed reports in the Institutional Effectiveness Google Drive folder using their Plattsburgh credentials. Note: Login is required.

Official Headcount — Fall 2023
Status Undergraduate Graduate
Full-Time 3,404 349
Part-Time 452 212
Grand Total 3,856 561
Demographics (Race & Ethnicity) — Fall 2023
Race/Ethnicity Undergraduate Graduate
Non-resident 147 11
Unknown 73 15
Hispanic/Latino 521 30
American Indian or Alaska Native 13  
Asian 99 7
Black or African American 437 21
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 6  
White 2,457 460
Two or more race, non-Hispanic 103 15
Grand Total 3,856 561
Demographics (Gender) — Fall 2023
Gender Undergraduate Graduate
Female 2,247 407
Male 1,564 151
Non-Binary 45  
Grand Total 3,856 561
Academics — Fall 2023
Avg. Class Size Student/Faculty Ratio Geography Represented
21 15:1 40 Foreign countries
32 U.S. states and territories
63 NYS counties

Recent Survey Results

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) surveys first-year and fourth-year students. It aims to illuminate key aspects of student engagement from interaction quality with faculty and peers to engagement in diverse educational activities.

Right to Know

  • Percentage Receiving Pell (Fall 2023) = 38%
  • Six-Year Graduation Rate (Fall 2017 cohort) = 59%
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