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University Survey Support

University Survey Support (USS) assists in a coordinated approach to the surveying of student, alumni, faculty, and staff opinion. We offer general guidelines and advice in the development and administration of surveys.

USS will maximize the benefits from surveys on campus by:

  • Acting as a consultant for departments/programs seeking to conduct surveys
  • Eliminating redundant surveying
  • Making survey instruments and results more available
  • Consolidating campus survey results for consultation and further analysis to facilitate research, assessment, planning and external reporting

University Survey Support Requests

Consult the Planned Surveys & Timing spreadsheet to review information about prior and planned surveys. You may use this information to schedule your survey or to seek prior survey instruments or results.

Use the Campus Survey Form to request assistance from University Survey Support related to the design or administration of a planned survey.

University Survey Support Members

Please reach out to the members of this group if you have questions or would like to speak with someone about planned or existing surveys.

Name Email Department
Kylie King, Ph.D. [email protected] Chair, Institutional Effectiveness
Renee Bator, Ph.D. [email protected] Arts and Sciences, Psychology
Elizabeth Bernat, Ph.D. [email protected] Academic Advising
Tobi Hay [email protected] Career Development Center
Jessica Loveless [email protected] Strategic Communications & Marketing
Courtney Nava, Ph.D. [email protected] Arts and Sciences, Political Science
Sandra Rezac, Ph.D. [email protected] Arts and Sciences, Sociology
Jim Sherman [email protected] Campus Housing and Community Living
Mike Thompson [email protected] Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Terrence Vance, Ph.D. [email protected] EHHS, Exercise and Nutrition

For more information on the guidelines that inform the work of the University Survey Support members, please consult the University Survey Policy.

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