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Physical Addresses for Campus Buildings

The following is a list of campus buildings with their physical (911) address. Both lists are in alphabetical order, the first list is sorted by building and the second is sorted by location and address number.

Table: Listed Alphabetically by Building Name
Building No Location Type
102 Broad 102 Broad Street
133 Court 133 Court Street
Adirondack Hall 51 Sanborn Avenue
Algonquin Hall 68 Rugar Street
Angell College Center 38 Rugar Street
Au Sable Hall 207 Cornelia Street
Banks Hall 39 Sanborn Avenue
Beaumont Hall 115 Broad Street
Campus Storage Facility 16 George Angell Drive
Central Heating Plant 34 Sanborn Avenue
Champlain Valley Hall 58 Rugar Street
Clinton Dining Hall 81 Rugar Street
deFredenburgh Hall 83 Rugar Street
Feinberg Library 2 Draper Avenue
Field House 167 Rugar Street
Harrington Hall 7 Rugar Street
Hawkins Hall 47 Beekman Street
Health Center/University Police 45 Rugar Street
Hood Hall 79 Rugar Street
Hudson Hall 31 Beekman Street
Hudson Hall Annex 118 Broad Street
Kehoe Administration Building 101 Broad Street
Kent Hall 61 Rugar Street
Macdonough Hall 73 Broad Street
Macomb Hall 49 Rugar Street
Maintenance Storage (Memorial Field) 3 Rugar Street
Mason Hall 73 Rugar Street
Memorial Hall 25 Rugar Street
Moffitt Hall 87 Rugar Street
Myers Fine Arts Building 26 Rugar Street
Olive Mason Flynt House (President’s House) 134 Court Street
Redcay Hall 46 Beekman Street
Saranac Hall 43 Rugar Street
Service Building 40 Sanborn Avenue
Service Garage 36 Sanborn Avenue
Sibley Hall 113 Rugar Street
SUCF Trailer 38 Sanborn Avenue
Ward Hall 34 Draper Street
Whiteface Hall 64 Rugar Street
Wilson Hall 85 Rugar Street
Yokum Hall 107 Broad Street
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