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Campus Emergency Resources

If You Need Immediate Assistance: Dial 911 or contact University Police at 518-564-2022

Emergency Information for Faculty & Instructors in the Classroom

The importance of emergency preparedness extends into the classroom. Students, even in higher education settings, look to the instructor for guidance and definitive action during an emergency.

Faculty and instructors who take a few minutes at the start of each semester to familiarize their students with basic evacuation and emergency procedures will find a peace of mind that they and their students are better prepared for an emergency.

Faculty and instructors are presented with a unique challenge in emergency planning as they travel between buildings and classrooms delivering lectures and guiding lab activities. The following information is intended to serve as a quick reference during emergencies.

Students, even in the university environment, look to the person at the front of the class as the leader of the group. Even in classes as small as 5 individuals, students expect the instructor to have answers and a clear plan when an emergency occurs.


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