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SUNY Plattsburgh Building Contacts

Listed In Alphabetical Order, By Building
Building First Name Last Name Telephone Email
102 Broad Street Jerry Isaak 5292 [email protected]
102 Broad Street Joan Kornecki 5292 [email protected]
133 Court Street Linda Bouvier 2397 [email protected]
133 Court Street Cherice Granger 2384 [email protected]
Algonquin Trisha Pellerin 3824 [email protected]
Algonquin James Sherman 3824 [email protected]
Clinton Dining Hall Debbie Christian 2202 [email protected]
Clinton Dining Hall Lynne Macey 4419 [email protected]
Clinton Dining Hall Kelly Santor 4093 [email protected]
College Center Michele Carpentier 2810 [email protected]
CVH Hall Karen Latour 2134 [email protected]
Feinberg Elizabeth Bernat 2080 [email protected]
Feinberg Carol Bleaux 2434 [email protected]
Feinberg Linda Carpenter 5208 [email protected]
Feinberg Casey Casamento 4433 [email protected]
Feinberg Barbara Criss 5188 [email protected]
Feinberg Kristie Gonyea 2222 [email protected]
Feinberg Mark Mastrean 5307 [email protected]
Feinberg TJ Myers 2449 [email protected]
Field House Kirk Fraser 3061 [email protected]
Field House Scott Johnson 4150 [email protected]
Hawkins Hall Rob Keever 4133 [email protected]
Hawkins Hall Gerianne Wright 3094 [email protected]
Health Center Linda Dragon 2187 [email protected]
Hood Hall Nichole Seger 2571 [email protected]
Hudson Shannon Nephew 2388 [email protected]
Kehoe Cheryl Decamp 2132 [email protected]
Kehoe Bernie Grabczewski 2432 [email protected]
Kehoe Barbara Leonard 3120 [email protected]
Kehoe Todd Yando 2100 [email protected]
Memorial Hall Cheryl Cole 4147 [email protected]
Memorial Hall Matthew Salvatore 3142 [email protected]
Memorial Hall Karen Waterbury 4150 [email protected]
Myers Fine Art Marie Barber 2476 [email protected]
Myers Fine Art Christina Lagree 2180 [email protected]
Myers Fine Art Leah Sweeney 2247 [email protected]
Myers Fine Art Benjamin Wright 2325 [email protected]
Redcay Amy Mountcastle 4009 [email protected]
Service Building Marisa Hoogkamp 5045 [email protected]
Service Building Tiffany Kirk 5037 [email protected]
Service Building Shery Liberty 5020 [email protected]
Sibley Hall Peter Ensel 4208 [email protected]
Sibley Hall John Parmelee 4261 [email protected]
Student Health Center Kristina Moquin 3086 [email protected]
Sundowner Mark Brothers 2203 [email protected]
US Oval Theresa Bennett 2160 [email protected]
Ward Hall Al Mihalek 3150 [email protected]
Ward Hall Michelle Ouelette 3943 [email protected]
 Ward Hall  Rich  Schnell  2164  [email protected]
 Yokum  Debbie  Brunner  5224  [email protected]
 Yokum  Jonathan  Chew  4292  [email protected]
Yokum Rob Richter 4109 [email protected]
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