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Handling Money Policy


Policy Number Policy Owner
6009.1 Administrative Accounting & Student Accounts

Revision History:

Date Version Change Ref Section
Pre-2009 1.0 New Document  
c. 2009 1.1 Minor Revisions  
9/2/2016 1.2 Minor Revisions  
1/5/2017 1.3 Minor Revisions  
2/22/2017 1.4 Minor Revisions Owner

Statement of Policy

The only agents authorized by the college to receive or disperse money are the Student Accounts Office, College Auxiliary Services, Inc., Alumni Foundation, Research Foundation, Chartwells, and the Plattsburgh College Foundation. Each agent may designate cash collection sites provided that appropriate internal control procedures are followed relating to the approved cash collection function. Faculty members are prohibited from selling textbooks and other student supplies, collecting monies for workshops and conferences or collecting fees for any services provided on college facilities.

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