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Releasing Faculty/Staff/Student Information and Trade Secret Determination Policy


Policy Number Policy Owner
9015.1 Management Services

Revision History:

Date Version Change Ref Section
Pre-2006 1.0 New Document  
c. 2006 2.0 Major Revisions  Policy Renamed
10/6/2016 2.1 Minor Revisions  

This Policy has been renamed from: Freedom of Information, Trade Secret Determination, And Release of Student/Faculty/Staff Information 

Statement of Policy

In order to protect individual privacy rights and to adhere to contractual agreements and college policies, employees are restricted from releasing any information about students, faculty or staff to non-campus individuals.

All requests for information regarding employees, wages, employment conditions/relationships, etc. should be referred to the Office of Human Resources. Investigators from the FBI, Secret Service, Department of Labor, Department of Human Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other organizations or individuals may inquire about specific incidents, events or general practices regarding employees and/or administrative personnel procedures. They should be referred to:

Human Resource Services, 912 Kehoe Administration Building, 518-564-5062. The Human Resource Services staff will screen requests to avoid the possibility of the release of irrelevant, inaccurate or confidential information.

Questions concerning students should be directed to:

Registrar's Office, Third Floor, Kehoe Administration Building (See also Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

Representatives from governmental agencies and/or private individuals may attempt to obtain information concerning their particular interests. They should be directed to:

Office of Management Services, 702 Kehoe Administration Building, 518-564-2538.

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