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Campus Mail Center

Our primary customers are the more than 1,000 faculty and staff on campus. Student mail is co-coordinated through the Student Mail Center. Departmental mail is picked up or delivered once or twice per day depending on scheduling. 

Changes to Operations – March 20, 2020

In order to promote social distancing and to prevent the mail room staff from being exposed to, or potentially exposing others to COVID-19 if they become infected, the following operational strategy will be put in place the following changes will be implemented effective immediately:

General Operations
The Mail Center will remain open, but the door will be locked. A sign will be put on the door that indicates this change.

Daily Mail Delivery
Daily delivery of mail to individual departments will cease, except for those limited student facing departments (see below). In order to support business continuity, departments are to have a representative pick up mail at the warehouse between 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., for the entire department. When the department representative arrives they will be asked to indicate their name, what department’s mail and packages (if small enough to carry) they are there to pick up. They then will be asked to retrieve the mail from the appropriate bin.

Sending Campus and USPS Mail
Outgoing department mail can be brought to the Mail Center at any time and put in the bin located outside of the main entrance of the Mail Center.

Outgoing Mail
Outgoing mail that needs to be metered and sent to the post office needs to be bundled with a rubber band and have one of the pink mailroom department cards or a post-it note attached to it with the account number to charge. Before departing, please knock on the door to ensure mail room staff are aware of the drop off.

Sending UPS and DHL Mail
If a department has a package that needs to be sent via UPS or DHL, a clearly addressed package and a post-it note with the account number to be charged needs to be attached. The package should be brought to the mail center and the representative should knock on the door, receive acknowledgement from the mail center staff and then leave the package outside the door.

All mail that has not been picked up will be stored in the warehouse (518-564-5026) for future pick up.

The Mail Center and warehouse staff are here for the campus. If you have any questions please contact us at 518-564-2057

About Mail Delivery

All incoming U.S. Postal Service mail is picked up in the morning at the Postal Service located on Veterans Lane in the city of Plattsburgh and returned to the campus mail center for sorting. Express mailers, such as DHL, FedEx and UPS, deliver all mail directly to the campus mail center this is scanned into our barcode tracking system. It is then included in our regular campus mail delivery. Special needs (outgoing or incoming mail) are accommodated on a case-by-case basis. 

Campus Mail Center Office staff

Our Services

  • General

    The Campus Mail Center is not a contract station (i.e., "mini" post office). Stamps may be purchased at the Angell College Center desk or the Student Mail Center.

    The mail center shipping services for domestic and international available to the campus are:

    • U.S. Postal Services First Class, Standard, Priority, International
    • DHL
    • UPS
    • Federal Express U.S.
    • Federal Express International
    • Postal Service Express U.S.
    • Postal Service: Certified Return receipt, Registered, Insured, Global Express

Faculty & Staff Use

How to Utilize Our Mail Services

  • Paying for Postage Outgoing Mail

    Our campus uses an account card to recharge the department for postage.

    To ensure your department or unit account is charged the appropriate postage, attach the laminated "PINK" card with the appropriate department name and account number to the outgoing mail. Please attach the card securely with a paper clip or rubber band.

Adding/Changing Campus Addresses

Our Procedures

  • New to Campus

    Call the Mail Center at ext. 2057 to notify us of your name, department, building, and phone number. Have your stationery reflect the correct address format with the the official mail address:

    SUNY Plattsburgh
    101 Broad St.
    Plattsburgh, NY 12901

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