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School of Business and Economics to Hold First Leadership Summit

Students in the School of Business and Economics will perfect their resumes and learn about financial planning and professionalism at the upcoming Leadership Summit.

The program, new this semester, is sponsored by the School of Business and Economics. It is set for Saturday, April 2 from noon to 4 p.m. in Au Sable Hall. 

At the summit, students will learn from working professionals and alumni

Part of the program is a session on resume basics followed by an advanced resume review.

In the “Money Matters” portion of the summit, a panel of professionals will discuss retirement options, personal financial planning, investments and budgeting with students.

Presenters will also offer suggestions on how students can leverage themselves professionally while still in college. Tips for using LinkedIn will also be offered at the summit.

The “Marketing Yourself, Beyond the Resume” session will teach students how to best frame present their skills through networking.

Registration is limited to 15 freshman, 15 sophomores, 10 juniors and 10 seniors. The application deadline is Monday, March 21.

To apply, students must submit a current resume and clearly indicate their class level.

Applications can be submitted via email to Tara Studley, assistant dean of the School of Business and Economics, at [email protected].

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