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Political Action Committee to Host 'Trick or Vote' Election Awareness Campaign

SUNY Plattsburgh’s Political Action and Awareness Committee is looking for help to get the word out about this year’s presidential election.

The committee’s “Trick or Vote” campaign “is simply to encourage and remind students and the Plattsburgh community to vote,” said Noemy Brito, Student Association vice president for student affairs. Volunteers will canvas the area Nov. 1 from 6 to 9 p.m., knocking on doors with their message.

“Those who volunteer will have a simple conversation with the person who answers the door,” Brito said. “They will let them know that the election date is coming, what date it is, where they can vote in Plattsburgh and answer any questions.”

In a Facebook post, Brito assured folks that “Trick or Vote” is not designed to ask anyone to vote for a specific party or person. It’s just a way to remind people to vote.

Students, clubs, organizations and members of the community are encouraged to sign up as teams or individuals.

“We just ask everyone to contact us in order for us to designate an area and to give them the materials,” Brito said.

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