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Community Web Visibility Research Project Receives Grant

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ Three professors of Communication at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh have received a $4,000 Walker Fellowship grant to continue and expand their Community Web Visibility research project.

Timothy Clukey, Dr. Jonathan Slater and Dr. Elizabeth Bernat Dr. Jonathan Slater, Dr. Elizabeth Bernat and Timothy Clukey have been conducting Web visibility studies on communities in the North Country since 2000. And thanks to the new fellowship, the group will expand its research of Northern New York Websites in the study, "Engaging Citizenship in the Adirondack North Country: A Study of Government Visibility."

The project will involve a systematic, comprehensive search for local community government Websites. Slater, Bernat and Clukey will then survey local governments about current or proposed Websites.

Once the online and survey data are collected and analyzed, follow-up telephone calls will be made with a select sample of local officials to discuss the real or perceived obstacles that are keeping communities from sponsoring and/or enhancing their local government Websites.

With a composite portrait of e-government resources in the Adirondack region, the project team will use the findings to compile a set of recommendations to interested community leaders about the means by which they can promote their local communities via the Web.

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