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College Theatre Association Presents Don Juan in Chicago

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ The College Theatre Association at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh presents Don Juan in Chicago Thursday - Saturday, April 20 - 22 at 8 p.m. in the Hartman Theatre, Myers Fine Arts Building.

In this comically chaotic play, written by David Ives, Don Juan is not the suave charmer he is thought to be. In 1599, Don Juan makes a pact with the devil and sells his soul in exchange for immortality, with one condition: He must sleep with a different woman every night or he dies. Along with Don Juan, his bumbling servant, Leporello, is also sold for immortality. Leporello's experience and knowledge guide Don Juan through centuries of sex-capades until we find them in modern day Chicago.

Unfortunately, back in 1599, Don Juan's first conquest was the stunning Dona Elvira. Their short and very brief encounter only whetted her appetite for more, and she makes a pact with the devil herself to have Don Juan for all eternity. Since he can't be with her again, and she won't have anyone else, the devil sits back and watches the two locked in a perfect stalemate. Now, in Chicago, Elvira finally catches up with Don Juan and eagerly anticipates the fulfillment of her contract.

Tickets are $3 and will be available at the door. A portion of the proceeds ($1 for every ticket sold) will benefit the Willie Graham Foundation. Willie Graham is a young boy in Texas who has Legg Perthes, a bone disease. He will need several surgeries, including a hip replacement. His parents lost their insurance and no other company will take them as Legg Perthes is a pre-existing condition.
For more information, contact the Theatre Department at 518-564-2180.
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