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College Rolls Out New Logos, New Graphic Standards



SUNY Plattsburgh is sporting a couple of new logos.

Unveiled on the college’s website Jan. 22, the logos will be used on official communications, the website, signage, athletics and recruitment and social media, according to Catherine Keleher, director of marketing.

“Aubrey Bresett, director of advancement communications, and I asked our graphic designers — Jennifer Aguglia and Sarah Richard — to re-imagine the SUNY Plattsburgh wordmark for several reasons,” Keleher said. "Our primary reasoning was to align the wordmark with the official name of our institution — SUNY Plattsburgh, not Plattsburgh State."

Leveraging SUNY Brand

“We also recognize the importance of leveraging our SUNY brand. Lastly, we wanted to update the wordmark to create a more modern design that is consistent with the branded materials we utilize,” she said.

A joint memo Keleher and Bresett sent to college community members earlier explained how institutional advancement and marketing have worked together over the last few months “to revise our graphic standards policy.”

The policy “supports a comprehensive set of procedures that help to unify the image and identity of our college. The standards define our core symbols and their appropriate use. They are designed to help all members of the campus community to work together toward a unified representation of the college,” the memo said.

Keleher said the chief goal of the change is “to streamline the SUNY Plattsburgh brand and create an updated and consistent look and feel across campus and our college materials.”

Two Logos, Two Purposes

The longer version of the logo will be used on official communications, signage and on the website, which went live with the new look Jan. 22.

“The stacked version uses our custom Burghy font to relate to our athletics brand and will be used for recruitment purposes and social media,” Keleher said. “The new wordmarks were proudly done in-house and at no cost to the institution. These changes will be phased in over time across campus and will not accrue added fees to the college.”

“Our two departments have enjoyed working together on this important project to streamline the SUNY Plattsburgh brand so that it is recognizable to everyone, from prospective students to alumni,” Bresett said. “We are looking forward to unifying our image and coming together as one SUNY Plattsburgh.”

For more information on the new logos or on the college’s comprehensive graphic standards policy, contact Keleher at 518-564-4049 or email [email protected]

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