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Brendan Kinney Begins New Role as Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations

PLATTSBURGH, NY __ Brendan Kinney began his new role as executive director of marketing and public relations in the Institutional Advancement Division at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh earlier this month. Kinney will oversee the marketing and communication efforts for the College.

Brendan Kinney, new executive director of marketing and public relations Kinney previously served as director of advancement services and the Saint Michael's Fund at Saint Michael's College in Colchester, Vt.

"My career started in marketing and public relations," said Kinney. "Over time, I became more involved in development, but I always remained connected to communications. This position is an opportunity to return to my roots and do what I love most, which is tackling communication challenges in a collaborative environment."

Anne Hansen, vice president of Institutional Advancement, said, "We are thrilled to have Brendan join the advancement team. I know that with his knowledge and expertise, he will create new and exciting ways to tell the 'Plattsburgh Story' and raise the profile of the College."

Kinney's immediate goals are to learn more about SUNY Plattsburgh and to meet with people from across campus while he gets to know the Plattsburgh community in general. His initial efforts will also focus on assessing the overall team in marketing and communications and the various programs.

"We need to ensure that we manage those projects that are underway or already planned. We also need to talk about new projects that can have an immediate and positive impact on the institution. Longer term, our team will collaborate on a strategic plan for the next fiscal year to address the many communications and marketing opportunities that are there for the College."

Kinney graduated from Saint Michael's College with a bachelor's in English literature in 1993 and earned his master's in education from Saint Michael's in 2006.  He lives with his wife and three children in Essex, Vt.

Kinney said that his first impression of SUNY Plattsburgh is a good one.

"The more people I come into contact with, the more excited I am to be here and to be a part of this wonderful community. I am looking forward to working with the faculty, staff and administration on achieving the College's marketing and public relations goals," said Kinney.

Kinney will also address staffing needs in marketing and public relations with the departures of Mark Mastrean, the former director of marketing and publications, and Frances Hagen Dumenci, the director of public relations.

Mastrean has taken on a new opportunity in the Library and Information Services Division as the new assistant to the dean for communications.

Hagen Dumenci is leaving the College May 14, and is moving to Richmond, Va., where her husband has accepted a faculty position at Virginia Commonwealth University. Hagen Dumenci has been at SUNY Plattsburgh since October 1999.
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