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Arnold Amell Appointed to Chair SUNY Plattsburgh College Council

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (Aug. 22, 2008) - Governor David Paterson has selected Arnold Amell of Scotia, N.Y., to chair the College Council at the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh. Amell will fill the position that was vacated when former chair Donald Garrant stepped down earlier this summer.

"We are pleased to have Arnie appointed to chair the College Council," said SUNY Plattsburgh President John Ettling. "He has played leadership roles on campus as a steadfast member of the board since 1989 and a member of our alumni board of directors even before that. He has also represented the council well on several important search committees in recent years. With Arnie in place, we know the council is in good hands."

For Amell, the role of College Council chair is not entirely new. He served as the interim chairperson for 10 months in 2004, after Robert Garrow left the position and before Donald Garrant was appointed to it. Amell said he would like to continue in the footsteps of these two leaders.

"I'm very excited and pleased to be appointed," said Amell. "What I hope to do is to continue the leadership qualities that were exemplified by both of our most recent past chairs, Robert Garrow and Don Garrant."

Amell already has thoughts about the direction he would like the council to take.

"I hope to support the college administration in every way that I can as chairperson and that we can as a council. I would like to advocate for the entire council to support the capital campaign," he said. "I'd like also to improve the attendance of council members at council meetings and other college events."

Amell, who attends nearly every commencement at the college, said he would like to see other members do likewise.

"I would like to encourage more council members to attend commencement exercises both in December and May," said Amell. "We are representative of our various communities on the College Council, and I think we should show our representation at commencement exercises."

He'd also like members to spread word of the college within their communities.

"I'd like the council to provide support to the admissions staff by encouraging the outstanding students we know to attend Plattsburgh," he said. "And I want to continue to have council members act as liaisons between the council and the various schools and divisions at the college."

A 1953 graduate of the college, Amell has devoted much time and service to his alma mater. In addition to serving on the council, he was a member of the college's Alumni Association Board of Directors for 37 years and has served on several search committees for the college. His service earned him the college's Distinguished Service Award in 2006.

Amell has also served at the state level, as a member and two-time president of the Association of Council Members and College Trustees, where he worked to increase communication with other members.

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