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Proxy Accounts

Proxy account management allows students to grant and revoke permissions for others to view information on their records, pay bills, or speak with student financial services.

Setting up Proxy Accounts

A proxy is someone who has been assigned by the student to view information for a set period of time the student decides is relevant. Many students elect to create a proxy account for their parents or other individuals helping with the college process. Likewise, the student can revoke or update these permissions at any time.

It is a student’s responsibility to create and maintain proxy accounts (login with Net ID required).

Steps to Arrange Access

  1. Log-in to our secure Proxy Management System (campus Net ID and password required).

  2. Select “Add Proxy” and enter the information requested. Persons named as proxies will receive an email with further information, through the email address provided. Each proxy can have their own permissions.

  3. You can edit the information for any of the proxies by selecting the “Expand [Proxy Name]” link. Information on the Proxy Profile, Authorization, History and Communication will appear. In this area you must select the relationship. You can also add the description of the proxy as well as start and end dates for their access.

    You can enter the proxy’s passphrase at this point. The passphrase will be used by the proxy to verify for verbal access to Financial Aid and Student Accounts information. By default, the Proxy will be granted access for a year.

    You can visit this section anytime to reset a proxy’s PIN (password) or to delete a proxy.

  4. After entering or updating the information, you can select the “E-mail Authorizations” link on the right side of the section in order to email your proxy with details to which they now have access.

    The History tab will show a log of what was viewed and at what time.

    The Communication tab will allow you to re-send emails. If your proxies are not receiving email messages, check to make sure the email address was entered correctly on the Profile tab or that it did not get sent to the proxy’s spam folder.

Steps to Access as a Proxy

  1. Log-in for Proxy Access using your email address and password (PIN) that was was set up.

  2. If you do not recall this information, the student can log on and reset your password which will generate a new email.

    Follow the steps in the email to set up a new password.

Should you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the registrar’s office.

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