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Guidelines to Select Aid-Eligible Coursework

As you pursue your degree goals, the coursework you take is evaluated for eligibility to receive financial aid.  

If you enroll in courses that fulfill general education, major or available electives towards your degree, typically those courses are aid-eligible. There are specific state and federal rules that determine whether a course is eligible for financial aid. We will base your financial aid package upon the number of aid-eligible credit hours, not your total credit hours. The guidance that follows can help students and advisors identify courses that are aid-eligible, and by doing so prevent financial aid cancellations and reductions.

  • In general, undergraduate coursework is aid-eligible if it satisfies the degree requirements for a student’s first major.
  • Degree requirements include a total of 120 credits of general education (GE) courses, major courses, elective credits and additional requirements.
  • Degree requirements are summarized in the undergraduate catalog for a student’s catalog year and also in Degree Works.
  • We encourage students and advisors to use Degree Works to help identify degree-required courses.
  • Financial aid advisors in Student Financial Services can provide individual guidance when courses reflect as ineligible for aid.
  • Ultimately, maintaining aid-eligibility is the student’s responsibility.   

Tips for Selecting Aid-Eligible Courses

  • If you have a major, enroll in non-repeat courses that satisfy the degree requirements for your first major. For a full-time aid package, enroll in at least 12 credits of non-repeat courses that satisfy the degree requirements for your first major.
  • Students with optional second majors and optional minors should use electives to satisfy coursework for the second major or minor, or take these optional courses beyond 12 aid-eligible credits.
  • If you plan to repeat a course, take the repeat course above 12 aid-eligible credits or contact the financial aid office in order to determine whether the repeat is aid-eligible.
  • If you are undeclared, all non-repeat coursework is aid-eligible during your first year and sophomore year (i.e., before earning 57 credits). Remember to declare a major before earning 57 credits.
  • If you change majors or declare a major before the end of the add/drop period for a semester, ensure your coursework satisfies the degree requirements for the new major.
  • If you are considering withdrawing from some or all your courses, contact Student Financial Services and ask how this would impact your financial aid in both the current and next semester.

Exceptions & Additional Rules

There are exceptions to some of these guidelines and additional rules in certain circumstances. Contact the Student Financial Services for further guidance.

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