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FAQs about Study Abroad & Exchange Programs

View current scholarships for study abroad Visa rules vary according to the country you are visiting. It is your responsibility to secure the travel documents that you need for your specific study abroad program. If you have questions or concerns, please ask us the Global Education Office. If you have any preexisting conditions (allergies, etc.), be sure to carry identification on your person at all times, indicating the specific nature of the condition, and spelling out clearly what must be done should you be unable to communicate this information yourself. In the event that you become significantly ill or injured, please contact your host institution’s study abroad office and us as soon as safely possible. You must bring your prescription(s) with you as evidence that the medication has been prescribed to you by a physician. In some cases particular medications will not be allowed into certain countries. For more information, consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the embassy web site of your host country. The Global Education Office can also provide contact information for the SUNY international health insurance provider. Before you finalize your class schedule you must ensure that you receive written approval (this can take the form of an email) from your advisor or department chair as appropriate for any courses that vary from the schedule that you submitted with your Study Away Course Approval Form (Plattsburgh students) or the courses for which you got approval at your home campus (non-Plattsburgh students). 

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