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Returning Students

Welcome back! Returning back to campus from a study abroad experience can be an exciting, challenging time.

We have several opportunities for returning study abroad students to share their experiences with other students. We invite and encourage you to participate in our study abroad fairs and classroom presentations to students who might want to go abroad. You can also pick your favorite snapshots and participate in our returning student photo contest. Another great way to stay connected is to visit the Global Education Office to see if there are any international students studying at SUNY Plattsburgh from your country of interest.


Most schools abroad are not as timely with posting grades as our students expect. First, your grades are posted at your host institution and then sent back to your administering campus in the U.S. From there, the study abroad office and/or the registrar will process them to become part of your official academic record.

The bottom line is this: patience is required! If you have difficulty registering for future classes because your study abroad coursework does not show up on your record, please contact our office for assistance.

Staying Involved With Study Abroad

As a returning study abroad student, you are the best source of information for someone thinking about going abroad. We love to have our returning students help us spread the word about how incredibly life changing this experience is. Below are some of the things you can be involved with after returning.

Other Opportunities

  • There are a number of opportunities for you to work or volunteer abroad, especially after graduation. BUNAC is one of the more popular organizations that provides work and volunteer opportunities in locations such as New Zealand, Australia, the UK, China, Nepal and South Africa.
  • Returnee conferences such as Lessons from Abroad provide students with the opportunity to share their experiences abroad and attend professional development workshops.
  • Go abroad again! Many students choose to go on a summer program and semester program. Or maybe you want to go on a semester program abroad and do a semester through NSE.

The possibilities are endless. Contact our office if you have questions or are interested in other ways you can share your enthusiasm with others.

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