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Global Education Mentor Program

Global Education Mentors (GEM’s) are study away alumni who have a special volunteer role with the Global Education Office (GEO). GEM’s are available to speak to prospective students and can provide a unique perspective on specific programs and locations, as well as the overall study away experience. Students are welcome to contact a GEM who represents a program or location that is of interest.

How to Become a Global Education Mentor

Interested study away alumni should contact Study Abroad and Exchanges in 210 Kehoe or email [email protected] for additional information.

Meet our GEMs

Raquel Bearid

Raquel holds a koala

  • Major: Biology and a minor in Chemistry
  • Study Abroad Program: Through SUNY Brockport: Kiwis, Koalas, and Corals Down Under. Located in Australia and New Zealand

Favorite part of study abroad program: In New Zealand, my tour guide took my group on a nature walk at night. We walked single file through the woods and saw glow worms all over the trees and the rocks. We then came to a clearing and saw the Milky Way and the Southern Cross. I have never seen such a clear image of the Milky Way, it was unbelievable. In Australia, my favorite part was the two days I spend on the Great Barrier Reef. It was amazing to gain first hand knowledge and see what is happening to the GBR through ocean acidification and global warming.

Advice to students considering a study abroad program: Don’t be afraid to travel by yourself, it will be an amazing opportunity that you may never get again. If you are worried about funding, there are shorter programs than a whole semester and many ways to help with the cost. Stay organized and do not be afraid to ask questions, there will always be someone to help you. This is an experience you will never forget.

Contact Information:[email protected]

Sarah Thompson

Sarah stands in front of the leaning Tower of Pisa

  • Major: Psychology
  • Study Abroad Program: Munich University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany

Favorite Part of Study Abroad: My favorite things about studying abroad were the friends I made and the places I traveled to! I made friends from all over the world who I still keep in contact with today. I was able to travel to some amazing new places like Italy, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic! Trying different food, hearing different languages, and gaining that global experience was the best part of my program.

Advice to Study Abroad Students: Keep an open mind! This new culture will be very different from your own, so absorb as much as you can while you are there! It is a once in a lifetime experience. Make the most out of it and learn as much as you can. You will return with a new perspective on the world, as well as a ton of self confidence and amazing memories.

Contact Information:[email protected]

Melissa York

Melissa holds a koala

  • Major: Marketing and Business Management
  • Study Abroad Program: Bond University

Favorite part of Study Abroad: My favorite part of studying abroad on the Gold Coast of Queensland in Australia was networking with people from different cultures and ethnicity's. I was able to gain a new perspective of the world and sharpen my communication skills. I was also able to travel around the country and learn about different cultures. Studying abroad in Australia was an amazing experience.

Advice to students considering study abroad:

If you are considering studying abroad I would say do not pass on an opportunity like this. To take the leap and study abroad because you will not regret it. I would suggest to do your research on the countries you are interested in and the programs that may be offered. Studying abroad is an experience where you are able to study and travel at the same time.

Contact Information:[email protected]

Nusrat Aparna

Nusrat stands beneath a pine tree in a park

  • Major: Psychology
  • Study Abroad Program: Seoul, South Korea

Favorite part of study abroad program: While I was abroad I enjoyed every part of my trip but to be more specific I enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world, trying authentic Korean food, learn about the culture, I was fortunate enough to try the traditional dress, Hanbok. I loved exploring the city and going to the Kings and Queens Palace.

Advice to students considering a study abroad program: Traveling alone is very difficult. There's a greater chance of getting homesick especially after a long flight to further destination. My advice would be to take one step at a time. Go with your pace and enjoy every moment of it. Traveling and studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will signify whether you're willing to adapt to a different culture for your future career. It will at first feel unreal but know that studying abroad expands your academic and personal skills.

Contact Information:[email protected]

Juliana Dushaj

  • Major: Public Relations, Minor: Marketing
  • Study Abroad Program: Bond University, Spring 2018

Favorite part of study abroad program:

My favorite part hands down were exploring the beautiful beaches of Australia. I will never look at a beach in NY the same again! Other things I loved were making new friends, getting outside of my comfort zone and gaining confidence. I also got to learn things about PR/Marketing I wouldn’t have learned at SUNY Plattsburgh. Bond University equips students with lab time to ensure their understanding of the material learned in class.

Advice to students considering a study abroad program:

DO IT! I can’t stress enough how much this has benefited and made my college career. Don’t listen to stereotypes about it being super expensive because you can budget and find certain programs in SUNY or exchange where you can pay the same tuition you do now. Seek help if you are also considering going abroad, the Global Education Office is filled with people who are here to help and maximize your experience!

Contact Information:[email protected]

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