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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Since SUNY students are officially registered at their home campuses, state-based financial aid is generally applicable, as are most forms of federal aid. Federal law even allows for most study abroad expenses to be used in determining financial need. The most important first step to take is speaking with Student Financial Services to see if your aid will be able to travel with you when you are abroad. If you know what program you would like to study on, please print out the budget estimate (available online) and bring it with you to Student Financial Services. You should start this process early so that you can budget accordingly.

Non-Plattsburgh students: If you do not attend SUNY Plattsburgh, you will need to contact financial services at your home campus to let them know you will be studying abroad through Plattsburgh. You will then need what is called a consortium agreement. Your home institution’s financial aid office must initiate this process, and then forward the agreement for signing to SUNY Plattsburgh’s Student Financial Services.

Plattsburgh students participating on other SUNY programs: If you are attending a program through another SUNY campus, then you will need what is called a consortium agreement. You will need to take a copy of your acceptance letter and program cost documentation to the SUNY Plattsburgh Student Financial Services and they will advise you on what to do from there.

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You will have the opportunity to apply for available scholarships when you complete an online application for one of our programs. You must submit your scholarship essay along with your other application materials by the stated application deadline. Please see the information regarding scholarship options below and contact us if you have any questions.

If you already receive scholarships you will have to check with each award administrator to see if you can use it to pay for a study abroad program.

Thanks to our generous Plattsburgh endowments, we have several scholarship opportunities available for Plattsburgh students.

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