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Student Profiles

Meet a few of our counselor education students!

Bryan Ensel

  • Student Affairs Counseling

The workload is challenging, but so far has paid off. I have seen significant personal growth this semester, and I know it will continue throughout the duration of this program. The full-time faculty truly care about student success and are willing to work with you along the way. I have been fortunate enough to interact with a group of students that share the same goals, and are determined to be successful counselors.

Mary Martini

  • Mental Health Counseling

This program has been such a unique experience for me. The body of students as well as the professors acts as a small community in which everyone looks out for each other. Never before have I felt so sure of the direction I am taking. The atmosphere that the counseling program creates is one where students are pushed to achieve the best they are capable of achieving. I have gained so much from being in this program and look forward to the coming semester.

Jason Leach

  • School Counseling

The School Counselor Education Program has been one of the most turbulent times of my life. It has been one rollercoaster after another from day one as I have been taken on a transformative excursion through my life and the many lenses that the program allows you to begin to see the world from.

If I were to look into a mirror I would not recognize the person standing there any longer and I am proud to make that statement. I have grown personally, professionally, and found a passion for social justice, something that influences my work continually. If you want to dynamically change as a person and help others make the same changes in their own lives, this program is a great step towards attaining that goal.

Courtney Reinders

  • Mental Health Counseling

My experience here at SUNY Plattsburgh has opened my eyes to confidence and skills that I never dreamed I possessed. The genuine character and positive attitudes of each professor in the department have really been an inspiration for me to further my career in the mental health counseling field.

This program has brought out all of the very best in me, and I am so excited to see what my future holds in the human services field. My experience here is a true testament to how a graduate program can enhance an individual’s hopes and dreams for a career in which they will find rewarding in every way imaginable.

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