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High-quality services

The clinic serves as a training facility for graduate students in school, student affairs, and community counseling programs who perform counseling services under the supervision of qualified faculty members.

Ward Hall Counseling Clinic

The Ward Hall Counseling Clinic is operated through the Department of Counselor Education at SUNY Plattsburgh, with purposes of education, service and research. The clinic’s service goal is to provide high-quality individual and group counseling, prevention outreach, and consultation to individuals and agencies.


  • Individual and group counseling for children, adolescents, and adults.
  • General assessment and testing.
  • Play therapy for children.
  • Referral assistance in finding appropriate services for identified problems.
  • Consultation with community agencies and schools.
  • Psycho-educational and support groups.

Emergency Services

Clinic Hours

The clinic office is open on a variable schedule, Monday through Friday, when the college is in session. Inquiries and appointments can be made at these times. A 24-hour recorded answering system allows persons to leave messages at any time. Prospective clients should note that the services are not available during college vacation periods.

Clinic Location

The Ward Hall Counseling Clinic is located on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus in Ward Hall, which is on the corner of Broad Street and Draper Avenue. The clinic office is on the first floor in Room 104.

Arranging Services

The clinic phone number is 518-564-4180. If you are a physician, school counselor, psychologist or a professional in some other community agency, you may refer a client by phone or letter. Once an appointment has been arranged, an initial interview will take place. This interview will provide the opportunity for the client to discuss his or her concerns and allow the clinic staff to determine how they might best be of help.

Ethical Standards

All clinic staff follow the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Copies of this document are available from clinic staff.


The Counseling Service Clinic is a nonprofit unit of SUNY Plattsburgh. Currently, there is no fee.

Privacy & Non-Discrimination Information

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