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Chenaniah Henderson


Chenaniah Henderson is, in addition to being a lecturer at SUNY Plattsburgh, a mental health clinician
who has worked with a diverse client population including adults and children. Chenaniah has a master’s
degree in both clinical mental health counseling from SUNY Plattsburgh and in applied positive
psychology from University of Pennsylvania. Chenaniah is driven to bring a fuller approach to counseling
by incorporating the positive psychology concepts that have helped him to manage life’s difficulties.

Chenaniah’s teaching approach focuses on collaborative effort between teacher and student to ensure
conceptual understanding and consistent progress. He has a high value in personal responsibility both in
performance and in advocating for needed assistance during the learning process. His philosophy of
teachers acting as escalators for students insists that productive teachers both make learning and
progressing easier for students and make stagnation and backsliding more difficult.

Being born with Cerebral Palsy has helped Chenaniah to appreciate the unique situations and obstacles
faced by students. Due to his disability, Chenaniah has grown to appreciate digital media as effective
tools for learning, and holds a particular fondness for the ability of anime to effectively depict the use
and development of character strengths to address life’s obstacles and pursue one’s dream. Chenaniah
also enjoys engaging with video games, and is particularly interested in the use of virtual reality spaces
as a means of active engagement and skill development.

  • Education
    • M.S., University of Pennsylvania
    • M.S., State University of New York at Plattsburgh
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