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Faculty Directory

Group portrait of the economics and finance faculty at SUNY Plattsburgh

Full-Time Faculty

Portrait of Bob ChristophersonDr. Robert Christopherson, Chair

Office: 203 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4195
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Dr. Christopherson

Portrait of Neal DuffyDr. Neal Duffy

Office: 235 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4194
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Dr. Duffy

Portrait of Stephen HenryDr. Stephen Henry

Assistant Professor
Office: 314 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-3217
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Stephen Henry

Portrait of Razvan PascalauDr. Razvan Pascalau

Associate Professor
Office: 325 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4193
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Razvan Pascalau

Portrait of Kameliia PetrovaDr. Kameliia Petrova

Associate Professor
Office: 205 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4187
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Kameliia Petrova

Portrait of Dhimitri QirjoDr. Dhimitri Qirjo

Assistant Professor
Office: 329 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4200
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Dhimitri Qirjo

Portrait of Colin ReadDr. Colin Read

Office: 324 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4120
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Colin Read

Part-Time Faculty

Portrail of Svetlana HenryDr. Svetlana Henry

Adjunct Lecturer
Office: 313 Au Sable Hall
Phone: 518-564-4312
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Svetlana Henry

Faculty Emeriti

Portrait of Dr. Prem GandhiDr. Prem Gandhi

Professor Emeritus

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