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Black and white image of J. Ward playing guitar, shot from above

J. Ward


James Ward is a twice-graduated alumnus of SUNY Plattsburgh and now teaches music technology. Students of his courses can expect to to learn functional and fundamental knowledge of audio technology through practical application of audio recording techniques.

Mr. Ward is the owner of Wayward Sound Studio, a professional recording studio in the city of Plattsburgh. He has been an active member and performer in the greater Plattsburgh music scene for nearly two decades. A multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and sound engineer, Mr. Ward has worked passionately in the Plattsburgh music community both on his own projects and with other local original recording artists and live performers.

As a multi-instrumentalist, James Ward is actively leading a seven-piece reggae band, the Grand Specimens of the Galactic Zoo on keyboards and vocals as they record their debut album.  Mr. Ward has been playing music in one-to-several bands per year since 2001 on bass, guitar, drums, vocals and now keyboards. Mr. Ward has studied with former Plattsburgh music department faculty Dr. Rick Davies, Drew Waters and Ellen Powell.

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