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Portrait of Dr. Gregory Quenell

Dr. Gregory Quenell

Associate Professor

Before coming to Plattsburgh in 2004, I taught at Bucknell University, Oberlin College, Vassar College, Manhattan College and Mount Holyoke College. I also worked for about 18 months writing computer code for a business graphics company.

The topic of my doctoral dissertation was spectral graph theory. A typical question in spectral graph theory goes something like this: Suppose you're sitting at a node in a large network, sending out signals that bounce around through the network. What can you deduce about the shape of the network by listening to the “echoes” of your signals?

I also have publications in knot theory and the mathematics of string art. 

I live in the Adirondacks, where I enjoy hiking, canoeing and sailing. During the spring musical season, you might hear me playing woodwinds in one of the regional high school or community theater pit orchestras.

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