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Alumni Profiles

Meet our graduates.

Archi Arnob, Class of ’22

  • Ph.D. student, Economics, University of Kansas
  • B.S. Economics, B.A. Mathematics, SUNY Plattsburgh

“I wanted to study economics and mathematics to understand the markets, financial systems, and economic issues. I believe that having a firm knowledge of mathematics is crucial for a deep understanding of economic models, particularly microeconomics. 

“At SUNY Plattsburgh I found wonderful, knowledgeable and engaging faculty in both economics and mathematics. Majoring in mathematics alongside economics helped me build my analytical skills from both the computational and abstract points of view. 

“I particularly enjoyed my advanced math classes such as linear algebra, abstract algebra, and advanced calculus. In the higher-level linear algebra course, I connected concepts from economics to mathematical ideas like the geometry of least squares estimation and principal component analysis. It was exciting to see principles from advanced calculus arise quite naturally in my study of economics. For example, we used the convergence of functions to understand the convergence hypothesis of the Solow growth model. 

“The faculty at Plattsburgh have helped me on the path to fulfilling my professional dreams. I am excited about the next steps in my academic career.”

Jon Sinopoli, Class of ’21

  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Alabama
  • B.A. in Mathematics, B.S. in Physics, SUNY Plattsburgh

“My experience in the SUNY Plattsburgh mathematics department has given me analytical and mathematical tools to solve real-world problems. In addition, my studies have helped me approach concepts differently from typical engineers in the workforce and in my continuing education.

“There was a great selection of pure and applied mathematics classes within the department, enough so that I was able to graduate a year early. As a student with a goal of becoming an engineer, classes like calculus, differential equations, and boundary value problems helped me with future engineering classes and real-world applications. Sets, functions, and relations and core math seminar reinforced my logical reasoning and abstract thinking skills.

“I found that the faculty was always willing to go the extra mile and tailor the class towards our interests. They were professional, approachable, and accommodating outside the classroom.

“I recently finished my Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering and will start my job as a casting process engineer for GE Power. There, I will be refining the casting process for gas turbine blades. On a part-time schedule, I am pursuing an additional master’s degree in aerospace engineering. ”

Alex Hepburn, Class of ’20

  • Ph.D. student, Physics and Astronomy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Developer at UiPath Inc.
  • B.A. in Mathematics, B.S. in Physics, SUNY Plattsburgh

“SUNY Plattsburgh’s mathematics and physics departments improved my abstract thinking and problem solving skills allowing me to successfully transition from school to the workforce — after completing my degrees at SUNY Plattsburgh I started work as a developer at UiPath Inc. and have worked on building automations with a focus on expanding and improving Artificial Intelligence aimed at Document Understanding. 

“Through my various research projects and engaging coursework in physics and mathematics I was able to grow as a person and find my true passions. I will be starting my Ph.D. program in physics at UNC-Chapel Hill where I aim to learn and contribute my research at the intersection of mathematics and physics. I’m incredibly thankful for what Plattsburgh has given me and specifically thankful for how engaging and helpful the professors in the mathematics and physics departments were.”

Franquiz Caraballo Alba, Class of ’19

  • Ph.D. student, Pure Mathematics, Florida State University
  • B.S. in Mathematics, B.A. in Physics, SUNY Plattsburgh

“The Mathematics program at SUNY Plattsburgh gave me an opportunity to grow my reasoning skills as a default. However, this would be like saying that your favorite meal gave you the nutrients you need for your body; it is too narrow to really encapsulate the impact this program had on my professional and academic life.

“Being such a tight-knit community offered many opportunities to get involved, such as the Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon and organizing trips to conferences. On top of that, the mathematics department offered a welcoming and engaging community to develop my passion and mastery in the subject. The ability for me to talk to my professors often had a great impact on my exposure to new, exciting and diverse areas of mathematics. This also allowed me to do several independent studies, which gave me an edge when applying to graduate schools. The aforementioned independent studies were the best and most engaging part of my time at SUNY Plattsburgh, as they also gave me a taste of what life in academia looks like. It helped me get to know bigger ideas in mathematics and gave me an opportunity to fall in love with them. This closeness also meant that the professors were willing and ecstatic to engage with students, which became a great support for me, specially during my application process for my current Ph.D. program.

“Currently, I work on algebraic geometry, specifically in Intersection Theory, which is an area that I would have never imagined I could contribute to were it not for the care and encouragement of the faculty in the mathematics department.”

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