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Latin American Studies Scholarships

The Latin American Studies for the Profession Scholarship Program (LASfP) is designed to encourage students across the disciplines to add the experiences and expertise of Latin America to their repertoire. This program is beneficial to social science, humanities, business, education and nursing students.

Latin American Studies for the Profession Scholarship Program

We have constructed the scholarship program to give support to students for major milestones in the Latin American studies curriculum. These include internship opportunities in Washington D.C. as well as the experiential learning opportunity of the Model Organization of American States in Ottawa and Washington D.C.

The Latin American Studies for the Professions (LASfP) Scholarship supports students in learning a wide range of global issues, gaining expertise in Latin America and improving their emotional intelligence skills.

Successful nominees from any department program on campus will receive a $600 award to do the Organization of American States Model Assembly and in the senior year, a  $1,000 minimum award will be given towards tuition costs to participate in the Washington Internship Institute semester.

New for 2022

We will be offering our graduating awardees an additional $4,000 – $6,000 competitive award for their expenses when they first start up after graduation. 

Interested? Contact the LAS Coordinator, Dr. Justin Lowry at [email protected]

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