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Achieve Your Potential with a Solid Foundation, Experience & Involvement

Art Department

Studio art and art history are disciplines that exist alongside many others as part of a liberal arts college. Our area has its own traditions and history, its own processes, skills and vocabulary. We’ve carefully designed our programs to give you a solid foundation, breadth of experience and depth of involvement. This program will help you achieve your potential, whether you become an artist or an art historian.

Turn Your Skill & Knowledge of Art into a Career

If you have a desire to make and study art, and you want to explore that desire, our program has the faculty and the facility to give you the skills and assurance to pursue art as a career and to discover what it means to be an artist. Our website is designed to give you a sense of what it is we do here in the SUNY Plattsburgh Art Department, to answer questions you may have about our program and to contribute to your decision-making process as you consider what this and and other colleges have to offer you. This site is one tool of many you can use to become informed about your choices. Our faculty members, department secretary and current students would be happy to speak with you and we hope you will feel free to reach out to us with questions or just to have a conversation.

To achieve our goal, we have created a broad and exciting curriculum and encourage the highest standards. We take seriously our responsibility for helping you identify your goals and for creating a supportive environment in which you can achieve them. We strive to nurture, nourish and encourage your personal expression and vision, not just teach you a certain way of working.

Our Experienced Faculty Will Help You Grow

We are artists and art historians actively involved in our own creative practice, exhibitions and publications; we are equally fulfilled by helping you mature in your work, grow in self-confidence and move on to lead fulfilling lives. Our hope for you is that your years here will be a time of discovery, hard work and tremendous personal growth.

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