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Woman with glasses, a lab jacket and clipboard, and short gray hair stands in front of a table with a skeleton sprawled out.

Dr. Gillian Crane-Kramer

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Dr. Crane-Kramer has a joint Ph.D. in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology, focusing on human skeletal biology with a specialization in paleopathology (the study of ancient disease). Her graduate research focused upon the examination of skeletal leprosy in a cemetery population from the Medieval Leper Hospital of St. James and St. Mary Magdalene, Chichester, England, and an examination of the history and evolution of Treponemal disease (venereal syphilis) in Europe, working principally in Denmark and England.

Her research and teaching interests include the evolution and transmission of infectious pathogens, gender/age and health, migration and health, health changes during periods of economic transition (Neolithic Revolution and the Industrial Revolution), forensic anthropology, the use of documentary analysis in paleopathology, evolutionary theory, mortuary archaeology, and the evaluation of epidemic disease events.

She has co-authored two books — The Introduction to Evolution: A Bio-Cultural Approach (Crane-Kramer and Roman G. Harrison), and Ancient Health: Skeletal Indicators of Agricultural, Social and Economic Intensification (M.N. Cohen and Crane-Kramer). Her present research funded by the Royal Society (Great Britain) focuses upon changes in health associated with the rise of the Industrial Revolution in England.

She is a visiting research scholar in the Department of Forensic and Archaeological Science, University of Bradford, England. In addition, she has participated in archaeological excavations both in Canada and the United States, and has analyzed skeletal material from Africa, the Middle East, North and South America and Europe.

Dr. Crane-Kramer is the recipient of the Distinguished Lecturer Teaching Award for Excellence from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. — University of Calgary, Canada
    • M.S. — University of Toronto, Canada
    • B.A. in Anthropology — University of Western Ontario, Canada
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