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Business Diversity Program

Committed to ensuring that NYS certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses are given the opportunity to provide our campus with commodities and services at competitive prices.

Consistent with federal and state laws, our campus seeks to provide procurement opportunities for New York State Certified minority-owned business enterprises (MBE), women-owned business enterprises (WBE) and service-disabled veteran-owned business (SDVOB).

SUNY is required to exert good faith efforts to fulfill the mandated statewide MWBE and SDVOB procurement goals of 30% MWBE and 6% SDVOB participation within state funded procurements.

SUNY’s Goal

Through the implementation of SUNY Procurement Procedures 7557 and 7564, SUNY intends to:

  • Assign 30% MWBE and 6% SDVOB utilization goals to state-funded procurements;
  • Utilize MWBE firms certified by NYS ESD Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development to participate in university procurements;
  • Utilize SDVOB firms certified by NYS OGS Division of Service-Disabled Veterans’ Business Development to participate in university procurements;
  • Take affirmative action to ensure that MWBEs and SDVOBs are given the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to provide the university with commodities and services at competitive prices;
  • Create a level playing field on which MWBEs and SDVOBs can compete fairly for university procurements;
  • Assist university vendors, contractors and bidders with inclusion of MWBEs and SDVOBs within university procurements and contracts.

SUNY Procedures

SUNY procurement procedures 7557 and 7564 apply to all state-funded procurements exceeding $25,000 for labor, services, consulting and professional services (including architectural and design services), supplies, equipment or materials, and for procurements exceeding $100,000 for the acquisition, construction, demolition, replacement, major repair or renovation of real property and improvements.

SUNY Procedure #7557 — Participation by Minority Group Members and Women (MWBEs) with Respect to State University of New York Contracts

SUNY PROCEDURE #7564 — Participation by Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOBs) with Respect to State University of New York Contracts

Our Implementation

All college procurements, equal to or exceeding the dollar values noted above, must be reviewed and approved by the college’s regional procurement services office for MWBE and SDVOB procurement compliance. If, after demonstrating Good Faith Efforts, full MWBE/SDVOB percentage participation cannot be achieved, then an MWBE and/or SDVOB waiver request has to be submitted to the appropriate governing agency for approval. A purchase order or contract cannot be awarded until the MWBE and SDVOB requirements are fully approved. The regional procurement services office will provide technical MWBE/SDVOB assistance. Please be aware that the MWBE/SDVOB review and approval process can require six additional weeks to finalize a procurement.

Regional procurement services retains the right to change/substitute a vendor/contractor on any and all departmental requisitions whereby a MWBE and/or SDVOB is found capable of supplying such commodities/services based upon identified form, function and utility at a reasonable price.

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