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Online Recruiting System (ORS)


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Following are step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the ORS for those employees with the role of search chair, hiring authority, search committee member, as well as those administrative employees acting on behalf of one of the preceding roles. Please remember to consult the Search Process Manual for details regarding recruitment on campus.

Note: The following documents require the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download.

Getting Started (for Departments)

Once a position has been approved for recruitment, an Authorization to Recruit (ATR) should be submitted in the ORS. An ATR should also be submitted for a Search Waiver appointment. The ATR submission may be performed by a department chair, department director, departmental secretary, or any other user with an approved “Department Authority” role.

The Recruitment Process (for Search Chairs)

Once the position has been posted and applicants are being reviewed, the search chair is responsible for updating the status of applicants and the search online, as well as uploading supporting documentation.

Step-by-Step Breakdown of the Recruitment Process (for Chairs Only)

  1. Adding a Search (ATR) to Your Watch List
  2. Helpful Tips for Narrowing the Pool
  3. Narrowing the Pool - Minimum Qualifications
  4. Narrowing the Pool - Telephone Interviews
  5. Narrowing the Pool - Campus Interviews
  6. Submitting Finalists to the Hiring Authority
  7. Finalizing the Search
  8. Attaching Documents
  9. Obtaining a PBN for Telephone Interviews

Entire Procedure for Search Chairs

The Recruitment Process (for Search Committee Members)

Once the position has been posted, search committee members are responsible for attending and participating in meetings which will determine which candidates will move forward in the search process. Procedure for reviewing candidates in the Online Recruiting System (ORS).

The Hiring Process (for Hiring Authorities)

Once the position has been offered and accepted, the hiring authority is usually responsible for completing the hiring proposal. The procedure from completing a hire from the Vita Bank may also be found below.

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