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Compliance Training

Our campus provides our employees a robust training program that ensures compliance with federal and state requirements but also gives our employees the tools to be successful in their job.

Meet SafeColleges

Our campus has engaged with Vector Solutions award-winning SafeColleges to administer and manage our compliance training program. SafeColleges offers many user-friendly and intuitive features, below we have highlighted those we found most valuable:

  • Test Out Option — You will have the option to “Test Out” for select courses. If you successfully complete the pre-assessment with the required requires on your first attempt, you can bypass the course and will receive credit for completing the course.
  • One-Stop Training Solution — SafeColleges affords us the opportunity to house employee training in one convenient location. Previously created department training programs that you have administered in person or through a presentation can be imported into the platform.
  • Easy Log In — You do not need to create an account, simply use your SUNY Plattsburgh credentials to log in.
  • Robust Course Library — You will all have access to hundreds of extra trainings by simply clicking on “View Library” on your My Assignments page.
  • “Off-Line” Courses — Attendance for in-person training can be added to SafeColleges. Contact management services to begin the process.

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Mandatory Training

Our campus developed a series of mandatory trainings in response to annual compliance mandates and assigned to employees based on their role and responsibility on campus.

Future training modules will include multiple choice post-quizzes. Successful completion of the quiz will allow employees to print a certificate of completion for their records.

Our records will be automatically updated once the module is successfully concluded.

Fall 2021 Training

Upcoming Training

Frequently Asked Questions About Compliance Training

  • What is this all about?

    Training will help us keep ourselves and our students safe and effective, and in compliance with various laws. These laws include:

    • Title IX (enforced by the US Department of Education)
    • Title VII (enforced by the US Department of Labor)
    • Right to Know (enforced by US OSHA)
    • Clery Act (enforced by US Department of Education)
    • Internal Control Act (NYS requirement)
    • Various N.Y. state laws and SUNY policies

    So, the training is useful to the college and its programs — and we must do it. This online program makes it easy for employees to complete the training without having to attend a formal training meeting. You won’t have to do all of these all at once! They’ll be phased in; see schedule below.

Additional Compliance Training

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  • Additional Training Topics

    Child Protection Training

    HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) training will be offered through SafeColleges and assigned August 16.

Helpful Training

Although not mandated, the following training materials are a helpful resource to assist you with successfully carrying out your responsibilities.

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