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HIPAA Training

Our campus is dedicated to maintaining the privacy and security of protected health information.

Workforce Training Materials

The following training materials have been developed to provide our workforce with a robust understanding of how HIPAA impacts our campus and the individuals we service.

Training Video Series

All members of our covered functions workforce are required to view and understand the information presented in the SafeColleges HIPAA Overview Training. This training is provided to new workforce members and annually thereafter.

After completing the training, our workforce is required to complete a post-test and confidentiality agreement.

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Confidentiality Agreement

This agreement is completed after new workforce members complete the training and submitted to the HIPAA privacy officer. It is not required annually.

Confidentiality Agreement

The Chronicles of Captain Confidentiality

In addition to the general HIPAA training video, supplemental videos chronicling the adventures of Captain Confidenti’al have been developed. These short but entertaining videos will provide our workforce with guidance on how to maintain individual’s privacy in a variety of fictional situations.

Additional Resources

HIPAA Policy Library

FERPA & HIPAA Infographic

Privacy Pointers — March 2019

Privacy Pointers — March 2018

Last updated Feb. 3, 2022

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