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Learn radio, television, live sound & music recording

Gain the technical skills to produce live audio broadcasts, conduct music-based field recordings and get on the air at student-run stations, WARP and The Quake, and the television station PSTV.

Audio-Radio Production Major

Acquire technical proficiency with digital audio tools. Understand the theoretical concepts behind a variety of media. Learn what it takes to work in radio as a productions and promotions director, sales and operations manager and disc jockey. Develop the ability to create a variety of audio productions for specific audiences. And experience the world of music recording through hands-on field recording of campus events.

What Will I Learn?

On the radio side of this program, you have many opportunities to both learn and practice what’s involved in this longest-running medium: radio. From day one you can join up with students across campus. Broadcast the latest and greatest music (yet) to hit the airwaves as a member of “The Quake,” college’s student-run, online radio facility. To develop your on-air skills, you’ll run weekly shows that are broadcast on our cable-access, tele-radio station WARP.

In this program, you get to develop your audio-production abilities in multiple arenas. Good audio is critical for radio, television, film, digital media, music recording and the internet. You can focus your efforts in any or all of these areas. Many students join the ATI Production team as a part of CMM 408, the field recording practicum. These students develop music recording expertise by recording various musical concerts that are held on campus. Working in teams, students capture and post-produce CDs for area music directors.

Other students work closely with PSTV as audio specialists. And more opportunities exist for students interested in digital audio archival. Working in conjunction with SUNY Plattsburgh’s Special Collections and College Archives libraries, students capture, archive and preserve recordings in a variety of different audio formats.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

What careers could be in your future? Graduates of our program are pursuing a variety of professional careers including:

  • Audio engineer
  • Concert tour manager
  • Live music producer
  • Radio personality
  • Podcaster
  • Radio production director
  • Radio and livestream program director
  • Sales account executive
  • Recording studio engineer
  • TV audio board operator
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