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SUNY Plattsburgh Opens New Fitness Center with More Space, Equipment, Amenities

new climbing wall

Anyone walking into the new SUNY Plattsburgh fitness center in Memorial Hall who knew what the previous facility offered had better hold onto their water bottles.

“I was blown away,” said senior Cameron Giuliano of Woodstock, N.Y. The fitness and wellness major, who also works on the center staff, got to see the space in the days leading up to its Jan. 29 opening.

“This is my first full day seeing everything set up, and I’m still shocked,” he said. “I’m so impressed with the quality of equipment. It’s beautiful in here. I’m so happy Matt reached out and offered me a position.”

matt salvatore“Matt” is Matt Salvatore, fitness center director who has seen the facility grow in scope and stature since arriving on campus 30 years ago. But nothing compares to what sits in more than 12,000 square feet of space — more than double its previous foot print — on the first floor of Memorial, thanks to the now-completed $30 million renovation of the university’s key facility for varsity athletics and student recreation.

Multi-year Capital Improvement Project

Memorial Hall, home to the Cardinal basketball and volleyball teams, the Department of Sport and Wellness, the fitness center, athletics administrative, recreational club and intramural offices, began its transformation in fall 2019. The fitness center was the final piece of the multi-year capital improvement project.

rowing and spin machinesUsers will find a bright, strategically designed space, with cardio equipment on the right off the entrance, accessible by stairs and ramp. Strength conditioning machines and equipment are situated off to the left, and the reception desk to the immediate left. A group fitness classroom is located off the cardio area. Behind the desk is a two-story climbing wall designed with input from Casey Henley, assistant professor of expeditionary studies.

“As part of our new facilities, we have all the climbing equipment everyone needs,” Salvatore said. Climbing routes all have different holds, he said. “Our instructors will provide orientation and belay certification as well.” With six inches of padding and other precautions, safety is paramount, Salvatore said.

More Cardio Equipment

In the cardio area, users will find treadmills, ellipticals, ARC trainers, recumbent and upright bicycles, spin bikes, rowing machines and a Jacob’s ladder.

“We have 37 pieces of cardio versus 20 before,” Salvatore said. “Everything is brand new and state of the art. Cellphone chargers are on the 12 treadmills and some of the other cardio machines.” Most machines have 24-inch televisions.

free weight areaOver in the strength-training section are the free weights with dumbbells and kettlebells. There is an Olympic lifting platform, racks for powerlifters, and on the octagon rack is an assortment of soft goods such as medicine balls, TRX suspension racks, and other training devices. Along the floor is 40 feet of Astro turf for foot pattern drills, agility and quick start drills. Push sledding weights are found on the turf.

“We want our students, faculty and staff to find a welcome and friendly atmosphere,” Salvatore said. “We want people to feel comfortable. Some of the equipment may look intimidating to someone who’s never used it, but we have staff who can assist you in your workouts. The more training you get, the safer and more enjoyable the workout experience is.”

Day-use Lockers

In addition to the amenities in the center, across the hall is a wall of day-use lockers with built-in locks — no need for personal padlocks, Salvatore said. There are changing and restrooms in that area as well.

The other facet of the fitness center is a multipurpose room found upstairs that is shared with athletes and dance groups, SA-recognized groups, club space, spinning and kickboxing class, Zumba, yoga, and HITT classes, Salvatore said.

strength trainingWith inclusion of a sports performance center for student-athletes on the ground level, gone are the days when the fitness center had to be closed for a portion each day so that athletes could train. Salvatore also said the hours of operation have increased to near-pre-pandemic levels.

“We’re back to 93 hours a week,” he said. “We’re hoping students are excited by the increased hours of operation and come in to use the center. We’re also hoping to bring in more faculty, staff and alumni.”

Faculty and staff can join through the online portal; alumni can join through the financial services office. Fitness center membership and dues information can be found online at https://www.plattsburgh.edu/athletics/recreational/fitness-center/index.html.

A grand opening for the center is slated for Saturday, Feb. 17 beginning at 1 p.m. For more information or for a tour, contact Salvatore at 518-564-3142 or email [email protected].

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