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SUNY Plattsburgh Honors Undergraduate Awarded $3,000 for Collaborative Research at Proteomics Lab

SUNY Plattsburgh pre-medical student Stefanie Russell is working on a project this summer with Clarkson University chemistry and biomolecular science professors Costel Darie and Alisa Woods as well as SUNY Plattsburgh Psychology Professor Jeanne Ryan.

SUNY Plattsburgh pre-medical student Stefanie Russell was awarded $3,000 from the Redcay endowment for her research proposal "Correlation of Apolipoprotein A1 Levels with Measures of Social Impairment."

Working with children who have autistic spectrum disorder, Russell will compare psychological behavioral measurements of social impairment to measurements of protein in saliva. In doing so, her work will merge the fields of psychology and biochemistry.

The Redcay Research Apprenticeship Award is designed to foster productive student/faculty collaboration in scholarly endeavors. A beloved teacher, dean and president at SUNY Plattsburgh, Edward Redcay set up a major endowment fund to promote and recognize undergraduate student academic excellence in the behavioral sciences and in the honors program.

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